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You saw them first!

OPEN MINDS MUSIC is a unique live music platform designed to launch and promote emerging, raw talent onto the stage and into the music industry.

OPEN MINDS MUSIC provides the perfect start-up support for young singers and songwriters to showcase their original music, backed by a highly experienced house band.

During this highly curated night, each artist will play three original songs and one cover backed by the highly professional Open Minds Band comprised of the combined of talents of Gordon Cant (keys), Dan Ablett (drums) and Sam Timmerman (bass).

Fremantles newest / oldest venue! Parry St. Fremantle





Are you an artist?

BOOKINGS are now open for Perth’s ambitious and up & coming singers / songwriters who want to bring their music to life. If that sounds like you, find the way how to perform with us.

Play and record with us

We all know that to make a professionally mastered recording of your music in a studio is often very expensive and maybe a little nerve-racking! But what about if you could record your demo for FREE using our unique model?

And also develop some great stage experience playing LIVE in a major music venue whilst supported by your family and friends and also by a supportive public audience during a real music event.

What you get:

  • Private coaching session with our musical director Gordon Cant

  • Production of your original music with the help of the OPEN MINDS MUSIC band

  • Access to the backstage room ( dressing room , bathroom and shower facilities )

  • Food and drinks

  • LIVE performance

  • FREE professional DEMO of your original songs

  • Great exposure to the music industry

How to?

OPEN MINDS MUSIC have created an Artist Package where you can find all the information about how you can register, play and record.



your music to liFe!


About us

Welcome to OPEND MINDS MUSIC - a new and unique music platform dedicated to Perth’s emerging singers and songwriters. 

A Fremantle-based music promotions company formed out of the combined love for music of Maurizio Aimoni and Gordon CantOPEN MINDS MUSIC has been created for singers / songwriters who are not yet established in the music industry and who are eager to record their original songs performing LIVE, backed by a highly experienced house band.

OPEN MINDS MUSIC has been designed to young , aspiring musicians around Perth who want to bring their music to life. We aim to identify local talented singers and introduce them to the local community, help them to develop stage experience, and produce and record their original songs at NO COST to the artist , providing them the perfect start-up support.

Running showcases monthly from April 2019, OPEN MINDS MUSIC are now on the hunt for a range of emerging singers and songwriters to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

OPEN MINDS MUSIC is excited to have partnered with Fremantle’s newest live music venue - FREO.SOCIAL. The venue, which was the former home of The Fly By Night Musicians Club in Fremantle, has undergone years of renovations and is opening now as a Perth’s premier live music venue dedicated to local and international music acts.



saw them first!


Our events


The vision of OPEN MINDS MUSIC is to present a monthly music showcase for all the music lovers around Fremantle / Perth.

We are keen to present ourselves as an “inclusive” community event incorporating a range of Perth’s ethnic and cultural groups showcasing each community’s musical roots – thereby bringing together different cultures in a common way of expression - music.

A unique entertaining talent show, YOU SAW THEM FIRST!, where new and emerging artists will be well introduced by a “celebrity” MC who will keep an high engagement between the artist and the public.

A good opportunity for the local community to discover and support new and emerging music talents to make their music to be heard.

From the DINNER & SHOW option you can expect live music accompanied with delicious food by a very respectable chef, Stuart E Laws and impeccable service from the staff.

We also have to offer amazing beers from the Otherside Brewing to make your night unforgettable.

You are always welcome to come and join us even only for the live show!





The People


Gordon Cant is a very experienced and inspired musician who has played concerts in various styles, bands and projects around the world, including Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore and Australia. After studying Jazz in Lucerne in Switzerland 2005 he performs with world-class acts before moving from Europe to Australia. Now in Perth he is an active music teacher, composer, coach, sound engineer and all the other little things that one learns being in the entertainment business for a lifetime!

Maurizio Aimoni is now days a Fremantle resident, having arrived in 2012 after living in Europe and USA for several years. A native Italian with a huge passion for life, Maurizio has a great love for music, entertainment and especially people. From a very early age, Maurizio developed his music credentials in the club, and has a great ear for music and a keen understanding of what it takes to be a great performer. Today one of his dreams is to discover exciting new talent and help them bring their music to life.

OPEN MINDS MUSIC is excited to be able to offer this platform to emerging artists to help them in their music journey. If you are interested, please read on about the people behind this project and how you can be a part of it.

An opportunity like nothing else
— attendee